Individual Leadership Coaching An open discussion amongst peers can quickly broaden perspectives and lead to innovative solutions. I am your partner for such discussions. As a systemic personal and business coach, I build trust, listen attentively and provide unbiased feedback to you while supporting you in finding of your own solutions.
Career Coaching The complexities of a labor market in constant flux require a personal compass for orientation and positioning. Together we will identify and develop your personal resources, strengthen your self- marketing skills, and prepare you for job interviews.
Human Resource Development Are you a middle-level manager destined to take on leadership functions? I provide you with tools to advance your leadership skills and to facilitate your personal growth. This HR development is achieved through seminars, workshops, and speeches on a wide range of topics and is conducted in close cooperation with your company’s human resource team.
Public Affairs Consulting Do you want to obtain strategy advice or support in identifying and engaging key stakeholders? My extensive professional experience in public affairs allows for resultsoriented consulting services for you and your team. When providing these services, I am guided by the International Public Relations Association’s Code of Conduct (IPRA).
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