Coaching Coaching is an investment in your well-being with an impressive cost-benefit ratio. Should you be interested in coaching support, please call my office or send an e-mail request to to arrange for an initial telephone or Skype discussion. There you can present the topic(s) of concern you wish to explore further and we jointly assess whether and how I can support you. This initial discussion takes about 20 minutes and is at no cost to you. During our first coaching session we clarify the number and frequency of future discussions. Depending on the topic, between one and five sessions may be required that ideally should take place in weekly intervals. The average duration of a coaching session is 90 minutes. It is conducted either at my office or via Skype; however, individual arrangements can be made according to your needs.
As coach I am responsible for due process, you as client are exclusively responsible for the coaching sessions’ content. At the end of each session, you provide me with your personal feedback pertaining to the effectiveness of the intervention and, if deemed useful, we define action points for you to work on ahead of the next coaching session. In most cases, it takes only a few coaching sessions to obtain useful insights and to create new perspectives for clients. The fee for a single coaching session amounts to EUR 150. Coaching Questions and Answers
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You name a topic that you wish to explore and identify an envisaged result for the entire coaching process as well as for the immediate coaching session. I will choose an appropriate systemic intervention and method to support your quest of finding your own answer/s.